Purchasing a Chair

Although at one time, purchasing an office chair may have been simple as they were all alike, today because of studies in ergonomics, the task is much harder because there are now a wide variety of different office chairs to choose from. Unfortunately many office complexes do however, still buy the old style chairs as they are often the cheapest but ergonomic studies have shown that those chairs are responsible for many of the older people’s back and neck pains. The studies showed that people that spent many hours each day sat in one of those chairs, as they were forced to sit in an unnatural position, suffered excessive back or neck pains later on in their life. The studies also showed that it was possible to design office chairs that could allow the person to sit in a natural position however, as everybody has a different size and shape; the best chairs would have to be adjustable, sometimes in several places in order to provide the most comfortable and pain free seating. As a consequence, the Best Rated Office Chair today, may have several adjustable features which of course mean that it comes with a higher price tag. Although that higher price tag probably means not many employers will buy the ergonomic office chairs for their staff, they will buy them for themselves but you as an employee could buy your own chair and take it to work. If you use an office chair to work from home you certainly will want to buy one that is ergonomic and then, or any other time you want to buy a good ergonomic chair, there are several things you should look out for to ensure you get the most comfort and least pain.

Although there are many different ergonomic office chairs available today, not all of them have the same features and so you should look for the features that will most affect you and your comfort. Among some of the most popular features available on office chairs are adjustable seats, adjustable back supports, adjustable armrest, adjustable headrests and of course adjustable heights. The height of your chair will probably be more determined by the height of your desk than your actual stature but it is important that you are at a height, when seated that gives you easy access to work on your desk. An adjustable seat may move backwards or forwards and this is to ensure that you can sit fully back in the chair, allowing you to make full use of the back support. When making any adjustment though, you will want to ensure that the back of your legs do not touch the chair, perhaps leaving an inch gap between the chair seat and your legs. The back support should be such a position that it gives maximum support to the lumbar region of your back as that is the area from which most back pains originate. The headrest should provide your neck with additional support if needed.